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What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a complex concept of understanding and rationalization; its meaning may have variations depending on the ideological school that investigates and practices it. Even the field and the social group can give it a radical or less radical approach.

When we talk about spirituality, we can say that it is simply a spiritual condition. We human beings think it is a psychological disposition and not a moral type. However, if we get rid of the bonds of our ego, we can induce into our own spiritual being.

We can also remember that everything is based on the intention to know and experience states of consciousness, such as and well-being of the freedom of the YO. That it is also linked to the practice of what we call virtue.

What do we mean by mysticism?

When human beings launch the task force in the mystical quest, they can certainly fuse the best they know of the physical world around them with the best of the etheric world, and gain a deeper understanding of those experiences that seem understood by reason.

The mystics employ their senses, intuition, perception, instinct and the extrasensory vision that I call: Infrared View. Which allows us to see beyond what the physical senses perceive. The key to mysticism is to give credibility to the idea of the existence of other worlds and that this physical world is also part of those other worlds, such worlds that we cannot experiment with the physical body.

We can experience that other worlds through the commonly called (supernatural channels). For those who consider themselves mystical their emotions play a predominant role in their daily practices. Although desires prevail over the facts and must become specialists managing the world,

bipolar of reality, simply being and letting yourself be carried away by curiosity and eager to gain understanding.

How is the concept of religion and spirituality distinguished?

Many acquaintances I have spoken to on these topics of great interest have asked me how it is possible to differentiate religion from spiritual practice. Religion and spiritual practice differ from each other, even if they are interrelated. When we talk about religion, we associate it with the belief of God, and on other occasions with gods that in his view is related to what we know as ceremonies, rites and idolatry of that God and gods.

Spirituality forms a close bond with the evolution of consciousness leading to the effort of what we call spiritual wisdom, although this divine spark is innate in the human being, those who know of its existence, in its being make it grow free from many bonds that seem important in the physical world.

In the meantime, religion is a means by which human beings appropriate an awakening of their conscience by allowing them to see and understand the human suffering and that of other creatures. Helping them understand that we are all equal and that we come from the same consciousness or from the same divine source. What, if it is true, is that both spirituality and religion can be intertwined to give way to the discernment we carry in the inner world and greater understanding of the world around us.

Spirituality and consciousness reflect divine love by amplifying spiritual knowledge. Through spiritual practice man is encouraged to find answers and give a more pleasant meaning to his existence. This growth rests on the arms of self-knowledge where you can clearly see the truthfulness of the dimensions of your own being and attain the serenity that was once thought lost. Everything is achieved without the need to be incorporated into a religion, idea, or philosophy. Let us remember that in our world there are deeply religious people who lack spirituality, and others lack or do not belong to any religion. Human beings can commit to themselves by using spirituality to self-help, to know oneself and above all to accept oneself as it is.

Jadde K. Astrie

Writer and Healer.

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