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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The medicine wheel is recognized as a tool that is constantly used in spiritual ceremonies in the native American Native American tradition and around the world.

The medicinal wheel reflects in detail life itself and all its aspects understood by the material world to the most sublime, spiritual, mental, and mystical world.

In this sacred circle, we can differentiate the four directions, and the elements, of air, water, fire, and earth, and the guardian spirits that protects them.

Each of the four cardinal directions together with their teachers or protectors bring their own lessons, learning, and changes that invites us to adopt in our lives.

It should be noted that the guardians or protectors of the cardinals east, south, west, and north are protected by sacred animals.

For example, in the tradition of the Qeros brothers of Peru from South America, teach us that the east is the door to start the medicinal wheel and this direction is protected by the energy of the condor, the south direction is protected by the energy of the snake, the west awaited by the medicine of brother jaguar, and as we head to the north the hummingbird awaits us full of joy, and in the center is the sister llama.

The position of these sacred animals change position in other indigenous traditions.

In the Cherokee culture, and other indigenous cultural groups here in North America, we find that the east is awaited by the hawk or the eagle, the south by the coyote brother, mouse or snake, the west is protected by the strength and power of brother bear, and if we walk north we will be visiting the power of the beloved buffalo.

As we see the positions and their companions vary, but the process of openness and honor is the same in all cultures. The archetypes are the same and the purpose is to achieve personal and collective healing.

It is important to honor and recognize the transformative power of the medicine wheel, it is immensely powerful. Once we take the start of travel through it we will be enroll in a fascinating journey full of mysteries, which will require us resistance at all levels.

We know that the most effective way to attract healing is the total transformation of our being regardless of the consequences, and receiving with an open heart the teachings, being certain that the Divine Mother would never abandon us.

The mother and all her beings of light, bone our spiritual guides, our guardian angel, ascended teachers etc., will never turn their backs on us and they will help us cope with any mental, emotional, spiritual and such physical burden.

This group of beings of light invite us to fully trust divine providence, and to conquer with strength our fears, our sorrows, and the eternal pains that we carry in tow. The changes that will accelerate will bring positive energies, joy, and a lot of wisdom.

In the medicinal wheel we can if we want and clear this depends on the woman or man of medicine add and work with other tools or elements of nature, usually performed, the burning of dried aloe, and other herbs that condense and promptly lighten the environment creating harmony, and balance for healing to begin. When we open this kind of portal, we thank the divinity, not only by feeling grateful, we can offer offerings such as sweet flowers, seeds, water, fire, which will help bring over our prayers and strengthen our faith in the healing power of Mother Earth.

Also, the burning of certain herbs can raise our prayers and we can feel confident in expressing and showing our emotions knowing that we are safe, the smoke will then lead with the great spirit our most longed-for prayers. When we use stones to denote and separate the areas of the medicinal wheel, we also show aspects of our life within it.

In all cardinal directions and between each of them, these areas also have a protective spirit or sacred animal that protects them. Each of these reflects areas of our lives such as the social, personal, work, mental, emotional, and most important spiritual aspects.

The medicinal wheel ingests us in detail the cycles of life, birth, growth, transformation, and rebirth.

We can then say that the medicine wheel is organized and grouped as follows,

It is composed of the four elements: Air, water, fire, and earth.

Composed of four main directions: North, East, South and West.

Five directions: North, East, South and West, and Center/Heart.

Six directions: North, East, South and West, and Center/Heart, Mother Earth, Father Heaven.

Jadde K. Astrie

Writer and healer.

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