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Clearing Space and Personal Energy

Remove Stagnant Energy From You or Objects, and Spaces

  • 40 min
  • 100 US dollars
  • Distant or in person.

Service Description

REMOVE STAGNANT ENERGY FROM YOU OR OBJECTS, AND SPACES smudging is a common shamanic practice, is done to clear spaces or persons of negative energies you or your home space feels stale or sad, or the atmosphere still hum with anger or unpleasant energies lingers after a visitor, it will be a good idea to smudge. It works to clear anger, ailments, sadness, and illness. Once you or your home is cleansed by this process it is advice to bless the place or person with a prayer and Palo Santo. Its important to recall that cleansing banishes negativity, and stagnant energy and by blessing we invoke benevolent Divine energy. In can be done in person or at distance and it is equally effective. Duration: 40 minutes or more.

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56 Glenwood Ave

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