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Heart Chacra Opening Ceremony

Heart Chacra Opening Ceremony

Through this sacred heart chacra opening ceremony we will have the opportunity to honor our ancestors, the people from the first nations, who used the sacred medicine of cacao in space of love and gratitude. We will surely dive deeply in order to connect to our ancestors, mother earth, the four elements, and our higher self. It will be possible to awake the gifts of healing, empathy, self discovery, and self love, leading us to increase our intuition, lift up our spirit, inmerse in some purification, open up our heart chacra, undertand that we all are one. We will have the freedom to set any intention for healing and balance. All in love and gratitude. 

Subscribe and contact me so I can provide you more information and how to prepare for this ceremony. 

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $210.00Sale Price
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