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SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, and adolescence.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The spiritual awakening usually takes place in childhood, but it is deeply activated during the stage of adolescence, and it may cause imbalances at mental, emotional, and on other occasions can generate illnesses on the physical level. It can also be deeply activate the psychic gifts that we bring with us, that being the true end of that awakening. It is at that moment in which we must act and help young people to manage, understand and integrate their own energy.

Before reaching adolescence, some radical situation can occur in our life. We could say that events that we cannot control take active participation in our daily lives. Such situations make us make decisions that change the perspective that we had of our existence and the people around us. These situations linked to the teaching and inner growth are brought to us in a surprising way through the people most dear and even with those with whom we feel uncomfortable. It is also important to recognize the mystical aspect, situations that are difficult to prove in reality but that happen and cause us an imminent terror by their nature and not know how to interpret them.

When we discover that it is not a game, nor an illusion, the first thing we do is tell our parents or to people in whom we trust, some with the fate of being understood and listened to, but for another group this can means rejection and ridicule.

_ What can I do if my family don't believe me?

In the first place, not to fall into the disdain.

Second, calm down knowing that we can find answers, which will come in an unexpected way, I say with certainty because in the spiritual world there is no chance, let us remember that we are all in the process of constant learning and spiritual growth.

Third, if you can inquire on that topic in specialized magazines and try to understand if the message is for you. I understand that this is difficult to do because fear is the first emotion that we cling to. Thinking that there are no possibilities and that we might not find the answer and solution. Remember the fear is only a tool until we acknowledge it as such.

Fourth, for the adolescents mind this is a very powerful life changing experience, try to learn to manage and understand your own energy, self-taught is common today, we have a great variety of tools and Internet access, inquire about spirituality and mysticism.

Fifth, maintain the connection with your inner self, with God or Mother Earth or what you are recognizing as the creator, trust the process and, it will help bring balance into your life.

Sixth, learn to meditate and practice it constantly, in this way you will know yourself better, and recognize the energy of others and the world around you. This will give you strength and and your self love will get balance.

Seventh, trust your inner knowing when any messages arrives, and maintain calm.

Eighth, be always grateful for your spiritual awakening, and unique experiences.

Ninth, be always grateful for all what you are representing at this moment.

Tenth, be always kind to you and others amid this difficult situation, understanding and knowledge will be your best ally.

"Being a parent or guardian of a teenager. How can I help?

For mothers and fathers tired and frightened by what your daughter or son adolescent experiences, join them in this arduous path of spirituality. We must be clear, the spiritual awakening can cause trauma and also loss of interest with school obligations, even sadness, depression and isolation of their groups and social activities.

Since these phenomena usually occur at night hours, will be causing physical and mental exhaustion, I kindly invite all parents to remain strong for their teens. You can try Reiki or any other form to work with energy, you can learn how to meditate and provide your sons of spiritual books of self-help and improvement, today there is a great variety of books and magazines related to spiritual awakening and grow.

This will be of great help and guidance to them, also through this gesture they will feel confident and will appreciate the love that they are being given.

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